Our evil character finds himself in his tower. Possibly cliche, but go with what you know. I don’t want to feel like I’m outlining, but this is what may currently be happening. The evil character will be sending some minions out to search for the chosen one because he has finally discovered the location. A spy will be telling the brotherhood of light, or whatever the name for the good guys I’ve come up with that the chosen one has been found. It’s amazing to them, of course, because they never had any idea the chosen one was still around and assumed perished on the way to the monks of training. They will now be sending a hero of their own to gather the chosen one and guide him to the North to be trained.

Can’t start a paragraph with the same word as the last paragraph. Learned that in 3rd or 5th grade.

Our other hero… well shit I guess I will start it that way, but can always go back and change it. After hearing of the chosen one our other hero is summoned to head East to the old capital crossroads and gather up the chosen one.

How does the hero know about this? Who is the spy? How does it happen? An imp is the spy, which is an interesting choice for a spy. Imps do love chaos, though. I’ll have to dig into my monster manual at some point to see what imps think of this situation. Oh for christ sake. Although, I need to stop back spacing when I make a spelling mistake.

The raven comes to the window and perches on the windowsill. Wizard comes over and leans down to hear its message and immediately walks over to his bookcase.

“Well, imp, after decades of searching, we have finally found the chosen one.”

Eventually, the wizard is deep into something or another and the imp is able to get away to inform the good guys of what is going on.

The good guys send someone to go find the chosen one in our crossroads town.  Perhaps I should start with the journey toward the town and fill in from there.

Rosalyn set out from the capital on horseback never quite realizing what she was getting herself into. For almost 30 years or more the evil wizard has been controlling the nation’s every move. Only the savages of the North have been free of his grasp. With only the pack on her horse and her trusty sword, Ralph, she set out to take the nation back from the Wizard. Shitty first draft, keep telling that to yourself, ben, it’s a shitty first draft that with some editing will do incredible. Do incredible? Who knows. Jess is talking to the dog and possibly this isn’t the most comfortable position I’m in. I’m fumble fucking the keyboard, for sure. For sure!

I now have to figure out if I’m going to be explaining the journey from the capital to the crossroads. It is a fantasy novel, and although it’s supposed to be somewhat amusing, it does need some of the elements found in all good fantasy. And as we know, all good fantasy has lots of descriptive travel. Do I enjoy the descriptive travel? Tough call.

Rosalyn traveled East on the trade road passing full caravans heading into the capital. From the sea, things came into the port town of ___ and traveled to the city of ____. The city was a crossroads into the rest of the nation and she was on her way there. One would only suppose that a hero, the chosen one, would be in the crossroads. The journey isn’t quite dangerous, but isn’t easy, either. It’s a two day journey through the woods with only 3 towns in between. It’s possible we could discuss Rosalyn’s stop in a town, but that isn’t quite into the story just yet.

As Rosalyn arrives the crossroads she is greeted by another member of the order of the Paladins, an order long thought to be extinct. This paladin, of course, is a traitor and a spy. A fight ensues, which Rosalyn wins, we assume.

Rosalyn then meets our non-hero, Archibald(?). Archibald has become a cobbler in the last 30 years instead of becoming an epic hero and the chosen one.

Of course, we have to go through a period of non-belief by the chosen-one. Acceptance isn’t easy, even when they are betrayed and attacked and Rosalyn has to save his life and get him on the path to the North, forsaking all he has and all he could have as a cobbler. Perhaps he was about to franchise his shoe store into the capital and finally be able to retire.

“Do you know how many people are able to retire in this business? None, absolutely not a single one.”

Rosalyn and the chosen one… interesting how I’ve come up with a name for our Paladin, but not the chosen one. Rosalyn and the chosen one travel along the trade route North to the monastery where the chosen one needs to get some training. On the way they go ahead and get lost or get forced off the path by the wizard’s minions. Better to get forced off by the wizard’s minions and then get lost. A clusterfuck, for sure. They get chased off the path to some town and then get lost and then somehow eventually find their way to the monks in the monastery up north.

The training is the hard part to me. I’m not so sure where to go with this. How long does the training become? Is it a significant chunk of the book? Is this the book that shows the hero becoming a hero and it’s a large part of it? Or is it somewhat short and we go back to do what needs to be done? It could be a large part of it before he goes back to the final conclusion of confronting the wizard. Obviously I’m open to suggestion.

Training is open. He obviously does horrible at it, because he’s 55 years-old and way past his prime. Eventually we have to make it through the training phase, because I has to come to a conclusion somehow. Is there some sort of trial after the training? Should there be a trial of some sort? A transition is what I meant to go with. A transition of some sort before the journey to the capital to defeat the wizard. Depends on if it’s a short story or a novel? I don’t know. The outline may work for both a short story and a novel.

The final showdown:

Possibly the journey to the final showdown. Needs to meet somewhat of his match on the way? Something happens to Rosalyn on the way? Hell if I know. Rosalyn is an interesting character in my mind and I’ll have to flesh her out quite a bit. The chosen one obviously thinks at some point he is going to sleep with her, although Rosalyn is 30 years his junior. He just assumes since he is the chosen one that he is sexually desired. The strange baldness does not help. Someone named Archibald is obviously bald. Can’t be any other way. Friar Tuck type bald, I presume. Somewhere else I have him named Henry. Who knows.

The journey to the capital for the final showdown should be a little longer, because once again this is fantasy and there has to be lots of fucking walking. Somewhere along the way, they run into trouble. The evil wizard and master o the land figures out they are heading toward him. He’s cocky and knows they can’t defeat him, but doesn’t want to be troubled with the burden so sends some strong minion to shut them down. The battle ensues and the chosen one isn’t so great at fighting things. Rosalyn ends up killing the bad guy. Perhaps as foreshadowing of the end of the story where the chosen one completely blunders things? Maybe Rosalyn in being the real hero of the story is telling us that these idiots never needed a chosen one to stand up to their oppressors anyway.

So, they finally make it to the capital and have to do some in-between stuff, I’m sure. Shopping for herbs or whatever; who knows. They go to the hideout of the last of the paladins and they have all been murdered or maybe they lead the enemy to the hideout and then everyone but the chosen one and Rosalyn get murdered. We’ll see. They get caught! That’s always a good idea. They got caught and taken to the wizard’s tower so he can finally meet his undoing. Rosalyn slips free and gets the chosen one free of his bindings and together they take down the evil wizard and return the realm to the rule of sometimes evil and sometimes not kings. Democracy is stupid, I suppose. Oh yeah, completely forget the wizard is elected to his position, because people vote stupidly and are easily swayed.


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