To say the party is in turmoil is a gross exaggeration by all, but the party could be a better representation of the large chunk of Americans who have somewhat similar ideals and ideas of where we should be going as a nation. I’ve read it will never be the same and I can only hope that’s true for the sake of all of us. Democrats will continue to be a political party as they have been, trading seats and power with Republicans. Despite the utter blow on the national scene this won’t change and it doesn’t help the country. Can we turn it around and make it something better from the inside, though?

Grassroots efforts are nothing to laugh about. Just ask members of the Tea Party who have been able to shape American politics for several years now. Democrats need to think smaller, not bigger. The ground up. It’s time to restructure the party: not one district at a time, but one block at a time. It’s time for the left wing of the all too conservative Democratic party to plant roots. Folks need to get the word out, to run for offices, to put together meetings town hall style. Listen to the people you live around. Hear their worries… and their hopes for God’s sake. Make them tell you hopes. Everyone needs a little bit in their life. The fear is more than understandable. Everyone wants to tell you what government is doing wrong, what the nation is doing wrong. Force them into telling you what they want to do right. Then go make things right. Push ordinances then push state laws. Take over the state legislature, one block at a time. This isn’t a losing battle. We haven’t lost to gerrymandering or election rigging, voter ID laws or misinformation. We’ve lost the neighborhoods, because we aren’t neighbors anymore. We’re social justice warriors on the internet who don’t know the name of the woman across the street. Being on the left is easy, all you have to do is help someone. That’s what it’s all about. Make life a little easier for everyone. Don’t let people think the pie is only so big. We don’t live in a zero-sum world.

Just listen. Listening would get you so much farther than talking. Don’t just listen to let someone talk, though. Listen to help provide answers.


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