I recently came across a plan of Robert Reich’s and being quite the fan I had to stop my clicking and check it out. http://robertreich.org/post/155456448785

I’d love to do nothing more than put up a resistance, but this isn’t an occupation and I haven’t purchased a single case of bottled water yet. A lot of it sounds great: grassroots politicking and letters to editors, but the first bullet of his hit me where it hurts. Reich states, “Get your senators and representatives to pledge to oppose Trump’s agenda. Reject his nominees, prolong the process of approving them, draw out hearings on legislation.” How different is this than Republican tactics for the last eight years? Democrats spent the last eight years crying foul at Republican obstructionism and now this is what they would like to be doing?

Don’t get me wrong, these are tactics that work and work well. Republicans control all branches of the federal government and most states. What will happen when Democrats use the same tactics, though? Sure, they are legal and they work, but they won’t work for Democrats. Democrats aren’t the party of scorched earth and backlash will be immediate on the right and lead to more apathy down the middle. How can the party that has been crying foul start using the same playbook? They can’t. It’s hypocrisy and that only works when you’re on the right.

I support the rest of what Professor Reich is pushing people to do, but to draw on hearings and prolong approving nominees just for the sake of resistance is not a good strategy for those on the left. Fight nominees and legislation, scream at the top of their lungs how horrible they are for America, but at the end of the day let a vote go through.


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