This will not turn into a blog about my 100 some year old house and what we’re doing. There won’t be photos of renovation or nifty little ideas with pictures you can post to pinterest.

I will say a few things and not make any promises to never say anything in the future, though. Jess and I have a home. We bought it, because renting is no longer financially viable. Funny how that works, huh? Our American dream was a nice apartment the rest of our lives and here we are with a mortgage.

One thing I would like to discuss that may not be in a lot of places, is a supper club. I’ve been to one in my life and tried to start some before. My plans are a little different than what I’ve attended or tried to start, but perhaps it’s time to rethink and redo. I’d like to invite 8-10 people once a month to participate.

I’ve attended one intellectualish supper club in my life; over ten years ago now, and I still think how I would like to do the same. Discussion of current events, science, literature, and philosophy. A space to share the intellectual with the intellectually curious.

We can opt for a paper, essay, book review, whatever one would like to present on. Every month a topic put forth by someone they would like to present and take questions on. From there things can digress somewhat. As long as it relates to something to bring forward the community.

Is this somewhat too much for most? Probably. People don’t do these kinds of things any longer, do they? Nowhere is this done. Why was this a practice gotten rid of? Do we no longer have time or do we no longer have an interest in the intellectual? I may be somewhat ashamed to share my idea of this with co-workers. Fear of ridicule may drive me to keep things to myself, but no longer to stop the idea from becoming reality. People don’t care for such things any longer.

Doesn’t matter to me, it’s time to follow through with an intellectual supper club. I should put together my list of 9. I have 10 seats at the table and can invite 9 others and I need to work on who it will be.


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