The response to a President Trump is that America is fed up with the status quo and is wanting change. In some parts that is true, but in others it can’t be farther from it. It’s true in that people are sick of what they see as a corrupt Washington not paying attention to their needs and wants. Other than that, the whole thing is just business as usual, and even when it comes to corrupt Washington, only time will tell. As my boys The Who say, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Something I said in 2008 when President Obama was elected and now I say in 2016 for the election of President Trump.

Cultural ideals and civil rights will continue to be defended and assaulted. All sides will continue to believe they are defending against the other. That hasn’t changed at all. A rollback to previous years that would include heavy restrictions on abortion, gay rights, women’s rights, minority rights are all a return to the status quo; not some radical shift of American policy. As a matter of fact, the recent gains in the field of civil rights, aren’t that radical at all. Small evolutionary gains have been made that are never set in stone. There hasn’t been some wide acceptance of all that is different and we are now seeing the cultural push back.

Economic changes will be minimal, as well. Perhaps a Trump administration will push toward tighter trade controls. What effect this will have I cannot say. I doubt it will be a return to any glory days we may have had with manufacturing, though. Regulation here is the key, not trade. It’s not like the Obama administration got a lot done in terms of regulation. Whether the blame can be placed on a Republican controlled everything else, who is to say. His political capital has never been high as a President. An administration of President Trump would be much more open to the slashing of any regulation gains made since 2008, but then again, we have seen in the last 8 years mega-companies merging with other mega-companies to form monopolies, Wall Street run amok once again, and banks back to their same game. Status quo, as I said. Even if President Trump wanted to reign in any of those, he doesn’t have that kind of power. That is reserved for the ideological capitalists in the legislature.

Foreign policy may see a slight shift, but like everything else it is a pendulum that swings slightly one way and then snaps back pretty quickly. We have always been a quasi-isolationist state who ventures out only for the defense of our own interests. And by our own interests I, of course, mean the interest of our corporations. Becoming more isolationist won’t be anything revolutionary.

For all the talk of immigration on both sides of the aisle, not a whole has been done by anyone. Ever. People come and they go, it’s tough for some and not so tough for others. Their skin color, country, or creed often dictates what the loud-mouthed members of the right-wing do or don’t want in regards to immigration, but not a whole lot is ever done.

What can be said then? Where is this outsider change to the landscape? Once again we find ourselves having things same as the old boss. We are a slow-moving, conservative nation. Any slight gains made in the name of liberty and rights have often snapped back suddenly to the status quo. We can only hope, though, that like all other returns to status quo in the past, this is just temporary and the forward progress of the nation marches on, albeit as slow as ever.


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