Sometime in 2008 when sitting in my dorm room at Michigan State University the idea of The Tinker Project was born. Refurbishing newer laptops that business were cycling out of use and putting Linux on them to be able to give to those in need. This was something I thought of instead of going to class, possibly to my detriment.

Flash forward way too many years to April of 2014 when I decided I would finally pull the trigger. Then to June of 2016 when the trigger was partially pulled, I suppose. Paperwork was filed for a non-profit in the state of Michigan and off we go.

Currently, the plan for a pilot program is finishing up and we are ready to receive product, get a trial group and get it in their hands.

Tinker Pilot Plan 001

As you can see we did some work on the pilot project. My organization goal is to keep things on one page where possible. The individual completion plan items and details of metrics that are needed can be kept on different letter sized pieces of paper and kept in a binder to keep track. Limiting the amount of the information required and the places it lives is part of the organizational goal.

The pilot program will run concurrently with the ramping up of the rest of the program and data used during the pilot will be used to improve upon the final product and the business model as a whole.


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