Why not?
Listening to the radio this morning, yet another person came on the air from such and such a think. I thought to myself, “man that is the job I want, thinking about stuff all the time.” It then occurred to me in the state of Michigan it costs 20 dollars to incorporate a non-profit, so why not. I can start my own think tank for 20 bucks and then for 10 dollars a year I can keep my website up and running. From time to time I can publish some stuff on the website and send it off to the local radio stations and newspaper.

So, that was easy enough. Think tank started, right? Well, as with everything it’s a little more than just having an idea. Ideas I’m great with; execution isn’t so much my strong suit. I should probably be specific in my think tank outline, right? Education? I love thinking about education. Perhaps others do, too. I can recruit people I know to think about it. Technology in education and bridging the digital divide if I so desire. If I get hyper specific, it will be more apt to succeed. If I just say “education” I’m fucked. So, I’ll come up with a cool name and then talk about technology in education and bam! I’m good to go. Well, I’m sure it’s a little tougher than that, but we’ll see what can’t be done. I’ll have to recruit some people I think are experts to participate. Start with some lit reviews and then work our way into real research. Lit reviews are good to start, right? The think tanks on the radio seem to just analyze what has already been done. I can analyze and base my logic upon that. I have a degree in philosphy, I’m sure it can be done. If only I could spell philosophy correctly, we’d be in business.


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