My new keyboard is quite nice. It goes clickity clickity clickity. Mechanical, you see. I have wanted a mechanical keyboard for some rtime. That being said, you will notice I’m still getting used to it. I was doing a lot of deleting, but perhaps for the pur pose of writing on this keyboard, there won’t be any backspacing. Perhaps you will judge the quality of the writer from this, but I assure you, my typing skills are immaculate. I do this for a litving, after all. Quite sensitive, too. It’s a Razer Blackwidow Stealth. I think. I very much enjoy t he clickityh clack it makes. Of course, I don’t so much enjoy the mistakes I’m making. We’ll sere if I get used to it or if it has to go in the donate pile.
Typically, I enjoyu writing on a 2007ish MacBook. First generation Intel. The keyboard is the best I’ve ever used. I’ll own that keyboard for quite some time.
If you don’t think a keyboard is a big deal, I don’t blame you. They typically aren’t something to write home about. It’s a tool and even to people that work in computers, like I do, it probably often doesn’t matter. I know some programmers that go a little bonkers over keyboards, but no one really goes bvonkers over them likea w riter does. The exact reasoning I r eally could not say. Same reason there are certain pens to enjoy. I’m sure some people will tell you it’s the amount of time you spend with a writing instrument, whether it bne a keyboard or a pen. That’s partially true, because there are keyboards and pens I really have not liked using. Then again, there have been quite a few keyboards and pens that are perfectly okay for extended use. Those gel pens are perfectly comfortable. A softer Dell keyboard can be used for hours with no fatigue and maximum comfort. The Dell is a keyboard I’ve used off an on for years. They are great. What is it about a writing instrument thyat draws myself, and those like me, in then? I don’t have all the answers, for sure. If you wanted all the answers you definitely shouldn’t have come here. Hell, the title of my page should be, “I may have some answers for you. A few of them could be right.” For me, I suppose it’s a combination of the tactile, the aesthetic, and the efficiency. I have a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen that I absolutely adore. I love the way it feels in my hand, the way it looks sitting there, and most definitely the way it writes. The ink flows onto parchment and looks gorgeous. I use brown ink, if you are curious. Often I use a pencil, too. I prefer a 3B, iirc, but I don’t often payu the money for them.j
Back to the mechanical keyboard. Why? I don’t know if I’m any closer to an anser than I was when I started. I like the way it sounds, I like the way ti feels. Bakc to clickity clack.It’s this tangible thing that seems more real than other keyboards. I can feel my fingers striking down the keys. I can hear the click of the keys as they go down. Ultimatley, it may come down to the way the typewriter sounded when my father sat in his office using it all night. And now I’m considering trading in the keyboard for a typewriter.


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